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Mexican Coffee: Cafe Superior; Best Coffee from Ixtlahuauey

Best Coffee in Atlanta from Ixtlahuahuey Mexico

Best Coffee available at ADios Cafe

Best Coffee in Atlanta from Ixtlahuahuey Mexico

Best Organic Coffee from Cafe Yolanda Superior

Our newest addition to the best coffee from Mexico originated from a visit to a new restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico-Old Town Bistro. After just one sip of coffee before our breakfast, we realized that it was something special. The foam wasn’t transparent like so many, it had a rich, coffee color that exemplified the overall flavor. We asked Jorge, our server, if the coffee was local and he indicated that it was from Ixtlahuahuey in the hills south of Puerto Vallarta. I quickly researched how to get there but found it was more of an off-road trek than we had time for. Coincidentally, the same Saturday morning, we happened to stumble upon the Puerto Vallarta Farmers Market and discovered “Café Yolanda Superior del Pacifico”. This husband and wife team are committed to bringing you the best cup of coffee in the region at a reasonable price and to supporting the local, coffee growing community. All of their beans come from the mountains of Jalisco and Southern Nayarit. They buy directly from family growers in small communities.

What we had tasted was an example of the rich, aromatic coffee grown by the indigenous people of Ixtlahuahuey, Cabo Corrientes – pronounced ‘ik-sla-wa-way’. The people here are sometimes referred to as the “Cloud People” because of the cloud enshrouded, high altitude, micro climate they live in. ‘Superior Coffee’ processes the beans themselves to insure high quality standards and roasts the coffee using a custom made, locally-built coffee roaster. The results are extremely delicious, 100% locally grown, organic Mexican coffees.

Café Yolanda Superior del Pacifico – Tom Burris and Yolanda Madera hull, roast and grind their organic coffee beans for optimum aroma and flavor. Stop by their café (Rio Colorado 334, Col. Agua Azul between Rio Grijalva y Rio Ameca) to pick up a cup o’ joe or get a bag of 100% organic coffee beans.

ADios Cafe in Atlanta, Georgia is proud to feature Cafe Yolanda Superior del Pacifico in the USA.

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