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Patron XO Chocolate Truffles at ADios Cafe

ADios Cafe offers a delicious assortment of artisan crafted chocolates and freshly baked desserts, alongside a bistro list of Mexican coffee drinks, espresso, cappuccinos – hot or frozen.

What Is Chocolate?

The history of chocolate is long, dating back 3,000 years, beginning with the Aztecs in Mexico. They originally prepared a drink from the cacao, which they called “xocoatl” or “cacahuatl”, meaning “bitter water”. The Nahuatl word “cacao” refers to the bean itself, and gives us the word for “cocoa”. The plant’s botanical name, “Theobroma Cacao”, literally means “food of the gods.” In ancient times, it was felt to be so valuable that it was used as currency.

The Nahuatl word “cacao” refers to the bean itself, and gives us the word for “cocoa”


It is said that the Aztec God “Quetzalcoatl” riding on a beam from a morning star, delivered to earth a Cocoa tree stolen from paradise. The drink derived from this gift of the gods became a magical elixir enjoyed by royalty in gold goblets. “Xocolatl” the Aztecs believed, imparted health and knowledge to those lucky enough to partake. Its aphrodisiac powers have been touted for centuries and the spread of chocolate through out the world is truly a phenomenon.

Mexican Chocolate Atlanta

Chocolate Truffles at ADios Cafe

New Adventures in Chocolate at ADios Cafe

Try a “Mayan Mocha” Hot Chocolate, as the Gods intended it to be enjoyed ….the subtle addition of Chili Ancho and Chipotle give slow rise to a new level of chocolate appreciation. Start counting, uno, dos, tres…. wait for the kick low in the back of your throat as the chili warms the chocolate in your mouth thus taking you that much closer to heaven as the gods intended …delicioso!

Essence of a once powerful empire, gifts from an ancient god, flavors that stir your inner soul …xocalatl… elixir of the gods …chocolate… the food of the gods. To the gods, we send our hopes and dreams, from the gods, we enjoy simple earthly pleasures. Coffee steeped with cinnamon and chocolate, freshly baked pastries, and handcrafted truffles are staple offerings. Hot chocolate fit for Montezuma, espresso drawn of beans organically grown, roasted in the high country of Mexico, nourishment in the form of desserts fit for a Mayan priestess.

Chocolate as Gifts

No Mas Valentine Hearts Champagne Truffles

No Mas Valentine Hearts Champagne Truffles

It’s traditional to give chocolate as gifts on special occasions, to honor someone, like on Mothers Day, or to romance your sweetheart.  ADios Cafe makes fresh artisan chocolate truffles with dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate, with a wide range of fillings to suit your taste – and we make specialty truffles at different times of the year, like Valentine Hearts Champagne Truffles, the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!  Call us to order and find out what special flavors we have for you.  404-574-5678.  We can have them ready for pickup when you arrive.